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Combined, Ryan and Shawn have taken a 20 year partnership of applied learning to forming The 33 Fund which enables them to assist entrepreneurs and businesses, across a wide spectrum, both categorically, and geographically. 

Their combined knowledge and experience is extensive. All based on practical application and best practices. They understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur and business owner. What it takes to be successful. And often what to avoid. Across a wide spectrum of businesses. And at each stage of business growth and development. Additionally, their network of associates and colleagues is extensive, ensuring a deep talent pool to draw from for each application.

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Ryan Maxwell

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Ryan Maxwell is a serial entrepreneur that has launched and participated in numerous, successful business ventures in Alberta, and internationally. 

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Shawn Brown

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Shawn Brown took a successful corporate career in the highly competitive CPG and Information Security industries and applied that learning to the entrepreneurial world.

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The 33 Fund

The 33 Fund has two distinct divisions. We provide senior business advisory services to businesses, covering a wide spectrum, with a focus on Medical Health and Wellness, Ag Tech, and Green Tech. Additionally, we invest in real estate projects, including strategic land purchases and income producing properties.