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“These gentlemen are two of the most upstanding and hardest working folks I know. I’m biased since I have had the opportunity to work along side and around them through multiple projects in multiple capacities and multiple life situations. They can be counted on to keep their heads, make the wisest of decisions and work hard to keep their word in every circumstance. They’re well connected, well funded and multi-talented. Absolutely worth your time.”


“The 33 Fund team has consulted and assisted me in my businesses for almost 20 years. I have started and owned 3 very different businesses and they helped raise capital and helped optimize operations. I would highly recommend them!”

Tim Grover

Work with us

Combined, Ryan and Shawn have taken a 20 year partnership of applied learning to forming The 33 Fund which enables them to assist entrepreneurs and businesses, across a wide spectrum, both categorically, and geographically. 

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About Us

The 33 Fund has two distinct divisions. We provide senior business advisory services to businesses, covering a wide spectrum, with a focus on Medical Health and Wellness, Ag Tech, and Green Tech. Additionally, we invest in real estate projects, including strategic land purchases and income producing properties.

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